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Our Deep Focus on Energy Efficiency

For over 10 years, LogiVAP® has provided engineering services to manufacturing and processing companies looking to efficiently manage thermal utilities for industrial applications.

Our expert team offers the technical guidance, assistance and skills your company needs to develop efficient heat transfer systems for steam, combustion, air and water.

We now apply our expertise and ingenuity to support energy efficiency and sustainable development for the benefit of our clients and the planet.

To this end, we have adopted new commitments as outlined below:

To this end, we have adopted new commitments as outlined below:


Guide industries as they transition to environmentally friendly and optimal energy use, while lowering production costs and prioritizing reliable solutions that have zero impact on operations.


Set the gold standard in energy efficiency and thermal utility network design by using innovative custom solutions to meet our clients’ needs.


We share common values with our clients and within our company, which form the LogiVAP® identity:

Our expertise allows us to shine through the precision and quality of our work.

Our authentic human approach fosters honest communications with colleagues and clients alike.

Our practices are based on respect for people, the environment, applicable laws and standards, as well as respect for all our project partners.

Technical care
Our “big-picture” vision of projects allows us to seamlessly integrate them with plant operations while prioritizing health, safety and sustainability for everyone.

Our new visual identity
LogiVAP® has also updated its brand image to support this new positioning.

The company’s streamlined and impactful new logo includes the following key elements:

  • The circle with bubbling water and steam particles symbolizes LogiVAP®’s field of expertise. This shape follows an endless circular motion, keeping with the spirit of sustainable development.
  • The signature is bold and unique, leading us to an innovative future where everything becomes possible.
  • The colour blue is a nod to environmental concerns at LogiVAP®, a company that strives for cleaner water and industrial processes.

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