Combustion and Control

Ensuring Safe Delivery Systems

Obsolete combustion systems consume more fuel and jeopardize safety inside your facilities. By replacing your systems with more suitable equipment, you can achieve lower fuel consumption.

Our team is here to help you overhaul your control equipment and design new fuel delivery systems.

These upgrades will also give you the chance to automate your systems and manufacturing processes, while increasing safety at your plant.

Our combustion and control experts have perfected their understanding of Canadian regulations for over 30 years and have excellent knowledge of insurance company requirements. LogiVAP® will help keep your systems compliant with CSA regulations and insurer specifications.

Discover our combustion and control services:

Fuel Delivery System Design

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Combustion System Instrumentation and Control

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Improve your plant safety and energy efficiency!

Contact our combustion and control experts today to upgrade your systems and maximize your performance.

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