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Our Expertise in Steam Systems

LogiVAP® is an engineering company that specializes in innovative thermal system design and implementation. Thanks to our leading-edge field expertise, we successfully delivered many outstanding projects that transformed local industries.

Find out how we helped our clients significantly improve their energy efficiency while reducing operating costs.

Our Achievements

Sleeman Breweries in Chambly

Sleeman Breweries counted on LogiVAP® to install the BoilerintheBOX® system at its Chambly plant. This new industrial boiler system is as convenient to install as a mobile rental boiler and connects directly to the plant—no additional floor space required.

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The Parmalat/Lactalis industrial complex in Victoriaville hired the expert team at LogiVAP® to upgrade its steam production facilities for milk processing.

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Saputo retained LogiVAP®’s services when building its new beverage bottling plant. For this project, we implemented our solutions through our 3D design platform.

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