Bertrand Borniambuc

Bertrand Borniambuc, Eng.

Collaborator of LogiVAP inc.
ASME Expert

Bertrand Borniambuc has over 19 years of experience as a project engineer and mechanical designer, first with the steam boiler manufacturer Groupe Simoneau, then as an industrial furnace designer with GNA Alutech Inc. Borniambuc is responsible for designing pressurized systems and networks at LogiVAP Inc.


In this capacity, he directs ASME engineering work on pressure vessels (boilers, tanks and exchangers) and supervises 3D network design. Borniambuc continually monitors the accuracy of our virtual projects to eliminate risks of on-site interpretation by client subcontractors. He also follows up with subcontractors and suppliers in addition to selecting all equipment and accessories for pressure systems and networks.


Bertrand is an expert in ASME standards, calculations and methods, assuring our clients that the results will meet their exact specifications.