Energy Audit


A steam system audit offers a strong foundation for any optimization project. The audit provides both a comprehensive portrait of your steam system’s functioning and a precise evaluation of its capacity.

We provide you with a detailed yet easy-to-understand technical report, including our diagnosis and suggested solutions.


Thanks to our recommendations, you will be able to prioritize your investments based on complete information, in a climate of honesty and collaboration.


Our work methods are adapted to industrial environments and directly stem from ASHRAE recommendations for Level 3 Building Energy Audits. They also include GAP Analysis in order to explore the most efficient strategies available.



We can also implement an on-site measurement strategy that will complement the collection of relevant data.


Interested in getting an accurate consumption profile for your facilities? We will be happy to do the measurements.


We visit your factory to install the required equipment over one or two weeks, or more, according to your needs. We then return to retrieve the equipment and the recorded data. Finally, we send you the raw data in a .csv file along with a detailed analysis of usable data depending on your needs.


Contact us for details.

“The starting point for improvement is evaluation. If you can’t evaluate something, you can’t understand it. If you can’t understand it, you can’t control it—much less improve it.” – Dr. H. James Harrington


As a complement to energy audits, we offer companies training focused on developing an informed knowledge of pipe systems and steam-using equipment.


The training not only boosts your staff’s qualifications, but gives you the assurance of an effective return on your investment in your steam/combustion/air/water projects.


Each on-site training session is adjusted to take your everyday realities into account.

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